neet 2023 results delcared

NEET 2023 Results Declared: Toppers, Participants, Opportunities and Future

Wait is over, Results are here.

The long-awaited NEET 2023 results have been released, marking the beginning of a new era for aspirants to become medical professionals nationwide. The National Eligibility Com Entrance Test (NEET), administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA), is the entrance exam for some of India’s most esteemed medical schools. Thousands of students who have put in many hours to get into their ideal medical school are anticipating the results with a mix of excitement, relief, and anticipation.

Today will also see the release of the rank list with marks and the NEET Result. Students can use the official website at,, and to verify their results and other information.


Best Performers Shine:

The outstanding talents of many brilliant minds who performed exceptionally well on the test were highlighted by the NEET 2023 results. These outstanding students have proven their dedication, steadfast focus, and commitment to academic success throughout their training. Their remarkable scores not only reflect their personal achievements but also inspire countless others to strive for greatness in the field of medicine.


Below is the list of the top 20 candidates for NEET 2023 examination:


NEET AIR Candidate’s Name Gender Category Marks ROLL No. State
1 PRABANJAN J Male General 720 4101200189 TAMIL NADU
3 KAUSTAV BAURI Male SC 716 4101050478 TAMIL NADU
4 PRANJAL AGGARWAL Female General 715 3804010869 PUNJAB
5 DHRUV ADVANI Male General 715 2712450104 KARNATAKA
7 SHRINIKETH RAVI Male General 715 3114130288 MAHARASHT RA
8 SWAYAM SHAKTI TRIPATHY Male General 715 3604180344 ODISHA
9 VARUN S Male OBC- NCL 715 4102030633 TAMIL NADU
10 PARTH KHANDELWAL Male General 715 3903170245 RAJASTHAN
11 ASHIKA AGGARWAL Female General 715 3803020053 PUNJAB
12 SAYAN PRADHAN Male General 715 4608220475 WEST BENGAL
13 HARSHIT BANSAL Male General 715 2001300241 DELHI (NCT)
14 SHASHANK KUMAR Male General 715 3903160532 BIHAR
16 SHUBHAMM BANSAL Male General 715 4410090141 UTTAR PRADESH
17 BHASKAR KUMAR Male General 715 4609060017 WEST BENGAL
18 DEV BHATIA Male General 715 2201040217 GUJARAT
19 ARNAB PATI Male General 715 4610030309 WEST BENGAL
20 SHASHANK SINHA Male OBC- NCL 712 1522030154 BIHAR



Record-Breaking Participation:

A record-breaking number of students took the NEET exam this year, demonstrating the rising interest among students in pursuing a career in medicine. A whopping 20,87,462 students have registered for NEET 2023. Among them, around 20,24,390 candidates have appeared for the examination. The overwhelming number of applicants serves as more evidence of NEET’s significance as a turning point in Indian medical education. The increase in participation shows how the medical field is becoming more well-known and how students want to make a real difference in the healthcare industry.


Diverse Talent Pool:

The results of NEET 2023 have demonstrated the enormous spectrum of skill that exists in the nation. Students with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and geographic locations have demonstrated their aptitude for the medical sector, bringing together a rich tapestry of thoughts and viewpoints. The specific difficulties encountered by various communities around the country will certainly be addressed by a comprehensive and inclusive approach to healthcare that benefits from this diversified talent pool.


Equal opportunities and selection on the basis of merit:

The concept of equal opportunity and merit-based hiring is demonstrated by NEET. Students from all parts of the nation compete on an equal playing field, based only on their knowledge, skills, and performance in the exam, regardless of their socioeconomic status or geographic location. NEET guarantees that deserving candidates, regardless of their circumstances, have an equal chance to pursue their medical aspirations.


Challenges and Resilience:

The path to NEET success is paved with difficulties and impediments. Students have shown incredible perseverance in their quest for greatness, juggling demanding preparation schedules as well as academic pressure and expectations. The NEET 2023 results honor each student’s accomplishments as well as their tenacity and willpower in overcoming obstacles along the way to success.


Future of Indian Healthcare:

The NEET 2023 results announcement opens the door for India’s healthcare system’s future. Each applicant to a medical college has the potential to make a substantial contribution to the fields of medicine, research, and patient care. These aspiring medical professionals are carrying with them as they begin their educational journey the dreams and aspirations of a country that desires better healthcare standards and cutting-edge answers to today’s most serious health issues.


An important milestone has been reached for the medical fraternity and prospective doctors all around India with the release of the NEET 2023 results. It represents the fruition of many years of effort, devotion, and sacrifice on the part of students in the pursuit of their goals. The outcomes not only honor the achievements of these remarkable people but also encourage future generations to enter the honorable field of medicine. These young medical experts are the industry’s torchbearers, promising a better, healthier future for the country.

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