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At Rare Education, we help you learn and create opportunities. With strong determination, we open global chances for medical students and provide a free NEET test series. Our Resilience Mission supports and empowers people in rural and disaster-affected areas. Come join us, take one step at a time, and together we’ll build a better future and make dreams come true.

We believe strongly in the power of education to transform lives and open up a world of possibilities, especially for those in rural and disaster-affected areas. Our commitment is deep and strong, driven by the belief that education can empower you and create a brighter future. We work hard to make sure that aspiring medical professionals like you have global opportunities through Rare Education MBBS Abroad. We also offer a Free NEET Test Series to help you prepare without any financial barriers, making sure everyone has a fair chance. Our Rare Education Resilience Mission is all about helping people in rural and disaster-affected communities. Join us, take one step at a time, and together we’ll build a better future and make dreams come true.

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From guiding aspiring medical professionals to global excellence through Rare Education MBBS Abroad, providing free NEET test series for inclusive test preparation, to empowering communities comprehensively with the Rare Education Resilience Mission—we are architects of dreams, champions of change, and illuminators of boundless possibilities. Join us in shaping futures and empowering lives—one step, one test, one community at a time.

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Resilience Mission

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MBBS Abroad

Embark on a global medical journey with Rare Education MBBS Abroad, where we guide you to prestigious institutions worldwide, ensuring quality education and global recognition for aspiring medical students.

Trusted Partnerships

Rare Education stands as a trusted partner with a strong network of esteemed medical institutions globally. Our close association with the core teams of these institutions ensures that our students receive unparalleled guidance and support throughout their MBBS journey.

Global Recognition

Experience global excellence with Rare Education. Our firm grasp on the intricacies of MBBS abroad is backed by a close collaboration with the core teams of renowned medical colleges, ensuring that our students receive education that is globally recognized and respected.

End-to-End Support

Rare Education provides comprehensive support from the initial stages of career exploration to admission in prestigious institutions abroad. Our close ties with the core teams of partner colleges ensure a seamless journey for aspiring medical professionals, guaranteeing the best opportunities for success.

NEET Test Series

Unlock your potential and transform your future with Rare Education’s Free NEET Test Series, offering free access to quality test preparation and solution videos, creating a level playing field for all aspiring medical professionals.

Healthcare Dedication

Rare Education Free NEET Test Series is a testament to our unwavering dedication to healthcare. We believe in contributing to the future of medicine by providing free, high-quality test series to aspiring medical professionals, fostering a commitment to excellence in healthcare education.

Crucial Test Preparation

Prepare for success with Rare Education's Free NEET Test Series. Recognizing the critical importance of the NEET exam, our free test series empowers students with comprehensive preparation, ensuring they are well-equipped to pursue their dreams in the field of medicine.

Quality Assurance

At Rare Education, we prioritize quality to maximize your success. Our Free NEET Test Series undergoes rigorous quality assurance measures, crafted by experienced educators and achievers. Every test is designed to add significant value to your preparation, ensuring you're ready to ace the NEET exam with confidence.

Resilience Mission

Join the Rare Education Resilience Mission, a comprehensive initiative empowering lives and building resilience, with a focus on holistic education and personal development efforts, especially targeting rural and disaster-affected communities for a brighter and empowered tomorrow.

Values-Driven Empowerment

Rare Education Resilience Mission is grounded in our core values of empowerment, growth, and community impact. We are dedicated to providing a transformative educational experience that extends beyond academics, fostering values that empower individuals and communities for a resilient and prosperous future.

Visionary Education Ecosystem

Join us in shaping a visionary educational ecosystem. Rare Education Resilience Mission looks beyond immediate needs, working towards a future where education becomes a catalyst for comprehensive personal development. We envision a world where every individual, especially in rural and disaster-affected areas, has the opportunity to thrive.

Community-Centric Impact

Our commitment extends to creating lasting impact in communities. Through the Rare Education Resilience Mission, we aim to contribute our small yet significant part in building a brighter future for the next generation. Together, let's sow the seeds of education, resilience, and enduring community development.

MBBS Abroad Services

Embark on your global medical journey with Rare Education’s comprehensive MBBS Abroad services. From personalized admission guidance to exclusive school representation, we offer a holistic approach, providing tailored solutions for seamless enrollment, ensuring your path to becoming a successful medical professional is supported at every step.

Comprehensive Admission Guidance

Smooth admission journey from exploration to enrollment.

Exclusive School Representation

Direct insights and trustworthy partnership.

Tailored VISA Assistance:

Personalized support for stress-free visa processing.

Financial Flexibility with Education Loans

Unlock educational aspirations with financial support.

Holistic Support Services:

Seamless assistance beyond academics.

Strategic NEXT/PG Preparation:

Guided success for future exams and studies.

Dedicated Mentorship Program:

Personalized growth for academic and personal success.

End-to-End Travel Assistance

Hassle-free journey from booking to arrival.

Director's Message

Dr. Rekib Uddin, Director - Rare Education
I am honored to serve as the Director of this organization that is responsible for bringing smiles to thousands of faces and assisting students to actualize their dreams of pursuing higher education. Our vision is to ensure the best medical education for Medical aspiring students, so they can become educational leaders nationally and internationally and serve the society. I want to strengthen outstanding clinical research with innovation to create a positive impact on the medical healthcare system. My aim as a Doctor is to train and develop a bright, energetic, and diverse next generation of physicians, scientists and allied health professionals.
Dr Rekib Uddin
Co-founder, Director
Greetings! Our journey in education has been remarkable, aiding students in realizing their dreams of entering prestigious colleges and pursuing careers in medicine. Recognizing the need for professional guidance, we proudly present RARE EDUCATION, a leading educational consulting team in India. Our commitment is to provide seamless and informed experiences for aspiring students, ensuring optimal course selection, institution choice, and direct admission. A single discussion with us guarantees clarity and a well-defined path for your academic journey. Trust RARE EDUCATION to deliver the best for the future leaders of our nation.
Rahul Amin
Co-founder, Director

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Rare Education Student
I was interested in doing my MBBS in Philippines as I heard that the Affordable fee structure and easy Installment there as compared to that in other countries. However, I was confused which way to go. One of my friends then sug- gested me to approach this consultancy and I must thank for the supporting us.
Student, AMA Philippines
Rare Education Student
I was willing to go to Bangladesh for MBBS program but was not getting the right track for the same. When I availed the services of ‘RARE Education’ , my path towards a successful career was cleared.
Mohsin Sharif
Student, AMA Philippines