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Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. The country is located at the northwest end of the Black Sea sharing its borders with Russia to the east, Belarus to the north, Poland to the northwest, Slovakia, and Hungary to the west, and Romania to the southwest and south, with Moldova in between. Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe. At present, Ukraine is ranked at the fourth position in Europe for having the largest number of postgraduates in fields of medicine. Ukraine has a number of Top Government Medical Universities offering MBBS, MD, and other degrees in medicine to the local students as well as international students. All the medical universities in Ukraine are accredited by the world’s major organizations like WDOMS, ECFMG, FAIMER, etc.

Life in Ukraine from the students' perspective

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Overview - MBBS in Ukraine

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Popular MBBS colleges in Ukraine

Kiev Medical University

Location: Kyiv

Total course fees: $ 25,000

Vinnitsa National Medical University

Location: Vinnytsia

Total course fees: $ 33,000

Donetsk National Medical University

Location: Donetsk

Total course fees: $ 30,000

Kharkiv International Medical University

Location: Kharkiv Oblast

Total course fees: $ 25,000

V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

Location: Kharkiv Oblast

Total course fees: $ 30,500

O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University

Location: Kyiv

Total course fees: $ 27,000

Black Sea National University

Location: Mykolaiv

Total course fees: $ 26,000

Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy

Location: Dnipro

Total course fees: $ 26,000

Odessa National Medical University

Location: Odesa

Total course fees: $ 30,000

Ivano Frankisvk Medical University

Location: Ivano-Frankivsk

Total course fees: $ 25,000

Zaporozhye State Medical University

Location: Zaporizhia

Total course fees: $ 25,000

Kharkiv National Medical University

Location: Kharkiv

Total course fees: $ 28,600

Sumy State University

Location: Sumy

Total course fees: $ 35,000

Ternopil State Medical University

Location: Ternopil

Total course fees: $ 28,200

Why MBBS in Ukraine?

The most popular European country for medical studies in MBBS Abroad is probably Ukraine. For students and their parents, pursuing an MBBS is a dream come true, especially in India. Reasonable medical research from Ukraine become a crucial component. A six-year curriculum for MBBS is offered by a college in Ukraine, with five years of full academic study that provide the student with real and hypothetical information and one year of internship at a renowned medical institution that is separate from the primary college.
When a course in Ukraine is completed, students are awarded the degree of “MD Physician,” which is similar to MBBS (according to NMC norms) in India. In Ukraine, more than 65000 students are studying medicine from 147 different countries. The cost of an MBBS in Ukraine is reasonably affordable for both local and international medical students.

In Ukraine, numerous top-tier public medical schools provide affordable MBBS and MD programs. Students who earn their MBBS in Ukraine are qualified to apply for positions in any country. The WHO and MCI both recognize medical universities, and English is the language of instruction.

Key Highlights of MBBS in Ukraine

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Key Features of MBBS in Ukraine

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Benefits of MBBS in Ukraine

  • The Course Fee and cost of living are affordable in Ukraine for Indian students.
  • You can get direct admission in MBBS in any of the recognized Medical Universities in Ukraine
  • If comparing cost of MBBS in India, it is far lower (approx 70% lower) in Ukraine
  • Quality of education for MBBS is very high.
  • Medical Universities in Ukraine have pool of medical professors, experienced faculties and lecturers
  • There is no need of clear TOEFL or IELTS for admission in Ukraine Medical Universities.
  • Medical degrees from recognized medical universities are recognized everywhere in the world
  • MBBS or other medical degrees are accepted by MCI (Medical Council of India) UNESCO, WHO and FAIMER.
  • Medical Universities in Ukraine are known for their ranking at global level
  • If you are pursuing Medical Degree or have completed from any of the universities in Ukraine, you are eligible for MCI Screening Test, PLAB (UK), USMLE (USA) and other international licensing exams.
  • There is no donation required or hidden fee in Ukrainian medial universities.
  • Top Universities in Ukraine have strict criteria to follow to hire professors and faculty for better educational environment.
  • English is the mode of instructions and study MBBS in Ukraine or any other medical course.
  • 1 teacher on 14 students is the ratio that creates a wonderful educational environment.
  • Every student gets individual attention
  • More than 4000 students from India are pursuing MBBS.
  • Top Universities in Ukraine to Study MBBS or Other Medical Degrees


1st year

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2nd year

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3rd year

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4th year

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5th year

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6th year

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Is MBBS abroad better than India?

MBBS abroad is a better options then private medical in India, especially in terms of cost, private medical in India costs a fortune more then that of many countries abroad.

Why Rare Education for MBBS abroad?

Expertise: Rare Education have years of experience and in-depth knowledge about the admission process, eligibility criteria, fees, and other requirements for pursuing MBBS abroad. We can guide you through the entire process and help you avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.
Time-saving: The admission process for MBBS abroad can be complex and time-consuming. Working with Rare Education can help save a significant amount of time as we can handle all the paperwork and follow-up for you.
Access to information: Rare Education have access to a wide range of information about various medical schools, their fees, and programs. We can help you compare and choose the best options based on your needs and budget.
Professional guidance: Rare Education can provide professional guidance on the best country and medical school to choose based on your academic background, personal interests, and career goals. We can also help you with the visa process, travel arrangements, and settling into your new surroundings.
Support throughout the Process: Rare Education provide ongoing support throughout the entire admission process and beyond. We can answer any questions you have, provide updates on your application status, and help resolve any issues that may arise.
Working with Rare Education for MBBS abroad admission can provide numerous benefits, including expertise, time-saving, access to information, professional guidance, and support throughout the process.

Is FMG Exam tough to crack?

Comparing FMG exam with NEET, we can safely say it is not at all a tough exam. Although there are no specific matrix to judge how tough an exam is, but considering the passing ratio of FMG exam which is roughly 20-25% to that of the percentage of candidates who get selected for government medical college through NEET which is roughly 0.02%, FMG exam is definitely a tough exam in the field of medical studies.

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