Clarification on various issues relating to Philippines and Ukraine FMGs from NMC

In response to the challenges faced by Indian medical students studying in the Philippines and Ukraine, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued a detailed public notice. With uncertainties arising from the Russia-Ukraine war, COVID-19 disruptions, and changes in regulations, this guide aims to break down the complexities outlined in the notice, providing students with a clear understanding of each aspect.


Section 1: Addressing Uncertainties for FMGs in Ukraine


Problem: Students with Completed Courses:

Explanation: For FMGs who have successfully completed their medical courses in Ukrainian institutes, the notice specifies a structured process. They are required to obtain Provisional Registration from the State Medical Council and undergo a one-year Clinical Rotation in India (CRMI) as per the 2021 regulations. Importantly, these students are eligible for stipends on par with Indian Medical Graduates.


Problem: FMGs with Break in Final Year:

Explanation: If FMGs had to interrupt their final year due to the COVID-19 pandemic or war, the notice provides a pathway for them. They must undergo a one-year Clinical Clerkship (CC) in India to compensate for the deficiency in their training. While Indian Medical Colleges may charge clerkship fees, the process is capped at a maximum of Rs. 5000/-PM. Successful completion allows them to proceed to CRMI with stipend eligibility.


Problem: FMGs with Break in Penultimate Year:

Explanation: In cases where students faced interruptions in their penultimate year, they are required to undergo a two-year Clinical Clerkship, supported by a logbook and authenticated by the college authority. The notice emphasizes that the decision to insist on additional years of clerkship is rooted in ensuring proper training and practical clinical exposure over an extended period, ultimately in the best interest of the country’s citizens.


Problem: Continuation for Existing FMGs:

Explanation: Existing FMGs currently undergoing internship are allowed to complete the two-year requirement before obtaining Permanent Registration from the concerned State Medical Council.


Problem: Study Continuation from a Different Country:

Explanation: To support FMGs returning from Ukraine, the notice extends the Academic Mobility Program as a one-time measure. This allows them to complete their remaining medical course in a different country, with the degree awarded by the university to which they migrate. This option must be availed within three months from the date of the public notice.


Section 2: Navigating Changes for FMGs from the Philippines


Problem: De-recognition of the BS Course in the Philippines:

Explanation: With the de-recognition of the BS Course in the Philippines from 18th November 2021, the notice clarifies that students pursuing the MD Course on or before this date are eligible to complete their studies. After qualifying the FMG Examination in India, they must undergo a one-year internship to compensate for any training deficiencies.


Problem: Conditions for Breaks in Study:

Explanation: Similar to the situation in Ukraine, if students face breaks during their course, they must adhere to the conditions outlined in the notice for breaks in the study.


Problem: Rationale for Additional Years of Clerkship:

Explanation: The notice stresses the decision to insist on additional years of clerkship, highlighting the lack of proper planned training and practical clinical exposure over an extended period. This is framed in the best interest of the citizens of the country.


Section 3: Issuance of Eligibility Certificate (EC) to FMGs

Problem: Background and EC Requirements:


Explanation: Recognizing the multitude of Indian students pursuing pre-medical education abroad, the notice emphasizes the necessity of the Eligibility Certificate (EC). The criteria, based on age and 10+2 marks, are outlined in the Public Notice dated 14th September 2018 and the High Court Order dated 27.09.2018. To obtain an EC, students must furnish their admission records in BS or any other pre-medical course/language course in foreign countries, along with travel details. This requires certified copies of their passport wherein such details are duly recorded.


Problem: One-Time Exemption for NEET-2018 & 2019:

Explanation: The notice provides a one-time exemption for Indian citizens/OCIs who left for pre-medical/medical courses during the academic years 2018-19 & 2019-20. This exemption from the NEET-2018 & 2019 requirement is based on specific amendments to the Screening Test Regulations, 2002.


Section 4: Time Limit for FMG Examination


Problem: Time Limit for Appearing in FMG Examination/ NExT:

Explanation: The notice introduces a ten-year time limit from the completion of training/course in a Foreign Medical Institution for appearing in the FMG Examination/ NExT.


The NMC’s public notice provides a crucial roadmap for Indian medical students navigating the complexities of studying abroad. By breaking down each problem and solution in detail, this guide aims to empower students with a thorough understanding of the guidelines, ensuring they make informed decisions about their medical education and future careers.

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