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About Rare Education

Rare education is a leading universal network of esteemed global institutions abroad in the health and medicine field and we help our students throughout the process. We provide a unique ecosystem to our students which includes guidance in choosing a career path, admission assistance for medical and allied medical courses as well as complete admission support along with safety assurance to our students pursuing MBBS abroad in our partner institution.

Why allied health science courses?

Allied health science courses are an attractive option for Indian students for various reasons:

Wide Range of Career Opportunities

Allied health science courses offer a diverse range of career opportunities. Graduates can work in areas such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, radiology, and more.

Hands-on Learning

Allied health science courses provide students with plenty of hands-on learning opportunities. Students often work with patients in clinical settings, gaining practical experience that prepares them for the workforce.

High Demand for Professionals

The healthcare industry is constantly growing, and there is a high demand for skilled allied health professionals. Graduates of allied health science courses can expect to find many job opportunities in their field.

Competitive Salaries

Allied health professionals often earn competitive salaries, making it a financially rewarding career path. Salaries can vary depending on the area of specialization, location, and experience.

Personal Fulfillment

Allied health professionals play a critical role in the healthcare industry, helping patients overcome injuries, illnesses, and disabilities. Graduates of allied health science courses can find personal fulfillment in making a difference in the lives of others.

Continuous Learning Opportunities

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and allied health professionals must stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies. This provides graduates with continuous learning opportunities, allowing them to grow and advance in their careers.

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Why Choose Rare Education?

Our Objective

Our Services

Complete Admission Guidance

We assure a hassle-free admission process directly to the selected institution.

VISA Assistance

We assist in the preparation and submission of VISA on behalf of our students according to the VISA procedure.

Forex support

We render the most economical foreign exchange rate from our tied-up forex agency.

Travel Assistance

We take complete travel arrangements up and down to and from the destination.


We provide a safe, secure, and comfortable hostel as well as rooms separate for boys and girls as per students’ requirements.

Local Support

We have staff from rare education located in respective institutions for all kinds of local assistance.

NEXT/PG Preparation

Rare education will extend complete study materials and resources as well expert guidance in the preparation of NEXT/PG to our students.

Education Loan

We have partnered with national banks to make sure our students can easily get educational loans if required.

Special Mentorship

Get a unique opportunity of being mentored by our director cum vice dean of IMS, an MBBS from Philippines

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